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Discussion in 'High School' started by azure, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Jun 8, 2011

    Does anyone out there teach in a New Tech High School? Our district is considering starting one, and we're trying to get information other than what the company selling New Tech gives out. All teaching is project based, and some of us are wondering how easy it is to teach all the state standards using only projects.
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    The tech.companies would have you buy, buy buy now, but I would wait until they also have the software, etc. that matches the standards.
    It seems the same as when we bought text books. We were teaching from some really diluted texts or texts not written around our state standards. We had to develop curriculum and sample questions that fit the state standards. We didn't even come close to the great types of questions that the highly paid text publishers or authors later came up with.
    Now, I like the text books that closely follow the state standards for each course.
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