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Discussion in 'Second Grade' started by Want2TeachVA, Aug 18, 2012.

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    Aug 18, 2012

    Hi everyone! I just accepted a job teaching 2nd grade this past week. I have been teaching Kindergarten so I really don't know 2nd grade at all, and I'm in a very high poverty area. I want to make sure I don't expect too little of my students, or act too cutesy or young for my students. I was wondering about my word wall. I have one set up, but do most of you start with 1st grade words up or do you review them and then add on 2nd grade words? What words do I use for 2nd grade? Do I just use the Dolch list and do a few a week? I have a bunch of Step Into Reading and I Can Read leveled books, are students coming in to 2nd grade on level 2 mostly, or level 1? What will I need to have the first week? I'm also in a portable, so are there any ideas for making the best of that? Thanks so much, I appreciate any help you can give me! :)
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    Aug 18, 2012

    I am in the EXACT same situation! Interested to find out the same things as you! I'll stalk this post...haha
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    I don't have experience with words walls, but this is something I would suggest asking fellow teachers about (if there are other second grade teachers in your building). There may be procedures or expectations in place.

    Have fun. :)
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    Check with the 1st grade.
    Ask if they have word walls.
    If yes, you should be able to go off that.

    If no, then I would keep it very basic at first.
    color words, number words, class names, months.
    I would have a few sight words, but add those as a class.
    You want the kids to 'own' the words and in order to do that, they must know them all first.

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