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Discussion in 'General Education' started by ll1301, Sep 17, 2013.

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    I am a new teacher this year (1st grade), and I need some help/advice. I work at a Title I school, and majority of the student makeup is low economic status. The first 2 weeks of school were decent, the kids were a chatty, but it is getting incredibly worse by the day. Sometimes I feel like I have lost (almost) complete control of them. I use the color system in my classroom. I have also tried tickets for good behavior for prizes, extra privileges, and compliments. I have to tell my class to be quiet AT LEAST 100 times a day. As soon as I stop talking or even finish a sentence, they talk. I can't get through a single sentence without being interrupted. When I do tell my kids to be quiet, I get eyes rolled at me, and most of the time ignored.
    Another problem I am having with my school is that EVERY staff member is constantly (it seems like) yelling and screaming at their students. The teachers scream at them to be quiet and to do their work. They scream about EVERYTHING. This really bothers and upsets me because I know that it DOES NOT help. It makes the problem worse. I never hear teachers giving their class positive reinforcement or compliments. They are always nagging and bringing their students down. Even the principal and AP yell at students. If a class is talking in the hallway, the principal will blatantly say "What a HORRIBLE class! Awful Awful Awful!" and she will say it loud enough so every class and teacher around them can hear it. I am very unhappy at this school, and I do not agree with how behavior management and discipline are handled. The thing that upsets me the most is that I was so happy, excited, and grateful in July when I was offered my first teaching job, and now I am getting to the point where I do not look forward to going to work because of the negative environment. Several students in my class have told me they do not want to go to PE because the PE teacher screams in their faces and embarrasses them in front of the whole class. I have personally seen the PE teacher literally 3 inches from a first grader's face screaming about them for something minute.
    In ALL of my college education, I was NEVER told that screaming and yelling was an appropriate form of behavior/classroom management. I personally believe screaming at a child is WRONG, and it is not my personality to scream and yell at ANYONE, let alone a 6 year old child. Most of these children already have poor home lives, so the last thing they need is to come to school and be yelled at all day. I know if I was being screamed at , the last thing I would want to be is productive. I NEVER saw teachers screaming at students in my student teaching, or my internships in schools. I know this is wrong and I just don't know what to do.
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    It is unfortunate that this is the "school culture." The best thing you can do is work from within -- be the example of how to give positive reinforcement. Treat your students with respect, and refuse to stoop to the level of your colleagues.

    You can't change how others react -- especially if it is your admin does it too. You can, however, lead by example. You can only deal with things within your control.

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