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Discussion in 'General Education' started by texashistory, Aug 22, 2014.

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    Aug 22, 2014

    I'm a first year elementary SPED self contained teacher and my students are 4th grade.

    I'm excited but nervous when I look at a schedule that has blocks of 9-10 ELA, etc and I'm like what am I doing with these kids between 8-3?

    I know the first day of school is a get to know you but we can't be doing that all day. I have assessments for the first few weeks but as far as "stuff" for us to do I'm drawing a blank.

    My paras are great people and helping me learn the curriculum and giving me tips on what the old teacher did but anyone willing to share a quick daily run through of what they do would be awesome.

    I can tweak it and bounce ideas off of it to fit my students.

    I'm working with a limited low budget right now and I'd really hate to have to buy a lot of stuff. I know lots of crafts but former teachers here aren't too generous. Craigslist is full of the "$400-900 my old classroom stuff must go all together" types and I arrive a good chunk of my bills for the end of the month so very little is left right now until I get my first teaching paycheck in September :eek:
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    What is the skill level of your self contained kids?

    How about a classroom scavenger hunt to find items they might need during the year? Depending on their skill level, it could be anything - class library area, desk, pencil sharpener, procedures, line up space, etc. Procedures will take a good chunk of time and you could change it up with get to know you games in between.

    They could make a collage of favorite things to share - use magazines (ask for free on CL if you don't have) or newspaper inserts for them to cut up, write an acrostic poem for their name, look for the letters of their names in those same inserts or mags if they need that type of skill level, fill in a get to know you page, or partner up for an "interview" to share with the group, etc.

    I know some of these might not work for your kids but I know how it is to have a tiny budget and hope this at least sparks some ideas for you.
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    I just answered on your other post, and then searched for you. :) We have a teacher in the same position as you. I'm going to talk to her tomorrow, to see if she has any advice for you. I know she did a "All About You" bulletin board. She printed and cut out simple body shape and had the kids write words that were important to them on it. She took their pictures and printed them out (this is really cheap at WalMart.) She put faces on their people and hung it up. She and her aides made one as well. You could do a back to school glyph. I have one at school on my computer, but I found one on this page that's cute:
    Also, I have a subscription to Superteacherworksheets (LOVE them), but some are free
    Ok, I don't want to overload with you info, just feeling for you and remembering what it was like. :)
    Good luck!!

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