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Discussion in 'General Education' started by sparrowmint, Aug 13, 2013.

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    Aug 13, 2013

    I am hoping someone here might know more about about the new Pennsylvania license for grades 4-8. I'm soon going to be licensed in PK-4, and I want to go back to school as well to get my license in grades 4-8. What I do know is that you need a new degree (or masters) that covers that subject matter, has a concentration in a specific subject (or two, some schools have dual concentration programs), and you also have to pass additional PRAXIS tests.

    My question is, specifically in regards to grades 5 & 6 under that license... are you only allowed to teach the subject that your degree concentrated in? So if one got a degree leading to a Grades 4-8, Middle Level Math license, are you only allowed to teach "fifth grade math" and not fifth grade ELA, social studies, or science? Or if one had a dual concentration in math and science, can you not teach fifth grade ELA or social studies?

    I don't bother to mention the grades 7 & 8 part of that license because you can still get the instructional add-ons via passing tests for those grade levels anyway (7-12). My concern is grades 5 & 6. It seems to me that a lot of schools still use fifth and sixth grade teachers to teach every subject (except maybe the arts or phys. ed., and sometimes even them), and so a new 4-8 licensed teacher would be at a disadvantage compared to all the teachers who still hold the K-6 licenses. So am I right in thinking the new concentrations keep one from teaching any other subjects, specifically in regards to 5th and 6th grade?

    Thank you.
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    If you have a license for grades 4 -8, it allows you to be a generalist in grades 4 - 6, and a content specialist in 7th and 8th in Pennsylvania. So yes, you can teach all subjects in 4th through 6th.

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