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Discussion in 'Preschool' started by keep_smiling, Aug 25, 2008.

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    I was looking in the "job seekers" section, but cant find any answers can any of you answer this...
    What questions do I ask in an interview?

    I applied for an early education teaching position at an elementary school. they already have a preschool program, this is just a program for 3 to 5 year olds on the days they dont go to preschool. Someone told me it was just a glorified day care room. But it will pay more that $8.00 an hour so I have already sent my resume, and waiting for the call for an interview.

    I have never worked in a school district before. I dont know what to expect. I have so many questions and I want them all answered so I can weigh the pros and cons to see if I would take the job. Can I ask any question that comes to mind? Or is there a protocol?

    I know class size and scheduling would be questions, but I dont even know if I would have my own room or share it with the preschool teacher, because preschool is opposite days of the days I would work.

    I know I'm getting ahead of myself, I am just so nervous
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    I say you only get one shot at asking questions in an interview. . . so don't bombard them, but do ask things that are deal breakers for you. I range from 3-5 questions usually.

    What do you look for/expect in a teacher? (helps you know if this is someone who believes in the same things you do)
    Do you use a curriculum or have standards/goals for teaching? (or do teachers plan whatever?)
    What is the student-teacher-ratio and what is expected class size? (and do I get an aide?)

    And for your situation . . . Do I share a room with the preschool teacher and do I share curriculum/teaching methods with her?

    Only after you get the job offer . . . What is the expected salary/hourly rate for this position? Are there benefits and what are they (retirement, insurance)? How is sick leave/annual leave handled (do I get paid on sick days?)


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