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Discussion in 'General Education' started by PrayerWithStrength, Oct 26, 2020.

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    Oct 26, 2020

    Hello teachers and forum users! :D

    I hope all of you are staying safe and healthy during the pandemic. Moments ago I made my account and figured to introduce myself to everyone and also ask a few questions while seeking guidance. If this is not the correct place to post on the forums then please let me know and I will delete this thread or move it to the correct location. Thank you all in advance! :)

    I recently moved to New York from out of state; currently not a New York state resident but I am sure that will change in the next few months. I want to become a teacher in New York (or possibly New Jersey) but I feel a bit overwhelmed with how to go about the process.

    I have a bachelor's in psychology and criminal justice. I have several years of subbing and tutoring experience for kids ages five to fourteen in addition to some experience in adult education via martial arts. I also have a lot of work experience in retail, computers, and sales but I am not sure that is very relevant to becoming a teacher.

    I am not a certified or licensed educator; but I emphasize that I have many years of different levels of teaching experience... although I can't compare tutoring or subbing to running a full classroom for an entire year and meeting with parents and conferences. o_O

    My interest is in teaching either special education, impaired education (blind, deaf, etc), disabled education, or possibly higher level math (early middle school to early high school). I prefer students that are fourteen or younger; although my best experience has been with kids ages six/seven to ten/eleven but I am flexible. For special education I prefer younger than ten or eleven if possible.

    For me to officially become a real certified PUBLIC SCHOOL teacher for New York (or New Jersey) and start a career for myself what would the best way to go about this be? Should I go and obtain a Master's in a specific type of Education? Should I get a Master's in mathematics? Are there certain certifications I should study for and pass and then complete a certain amount of practicum/monitored classroom hours? I am seeing mixed information online but perhaps that is due to my own confusion of browsing.

    Both passion and motivation fuel me and I am willing to put in a crazy amount of work to make this happen. My goal is to be able to support a small family within the next three years or so. Please let me know what everyone thinks is the best route to take. I welcome all feedback and advice! :D
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    First - you are correct to seek the training that a solid Education Department can offer. Your background will be useful in negotiating your path to a degree and also help you get a job.

    I suggest you make an appointment with the closest, cheapest college and lay out your background and ask what they can do for you. You want to get them to waive classes that are unnecessary due to your background. This can save you a ton of time and money. It would be sweet if you also were able to get a Masters Degree at the same time in order to move up quickly on the pay scale.

    Then repeat this negotiation with the next school. You can use what the first school offered as bargaining chips. After hearing what they say, ask them if they can beat the offer of the first college.

    I suggest looking at 3 or more schools.

    Compare your offers and what you learn about their programs to get the best program at the cheapest price. Once in the program, continue to advocate for yourself. If you get a student teaching assignment with a weak mentor, ask for a better assignment - and so forth. Be assertive about getting the best training possible.

    I'm so happy to have a smart, fired up person going into education. It's the most important job in the whole world. I love teaching and being a teacher. Good training will get you off to a strong start.
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