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    Hi everyone... I need NEW center idea:

    Things Ive done or am currently doing
    capital lower case match
    magnetic letters
    books on tape
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    Puzzle Center
    Age appropriate hidden picture puzzles
    Where's Waldo version of the alphabet
    Copy Chickachickaboom (is this right?) book and let them look for the letters you ask them to look for.
    Same/Different fun color sheets
    Draw the line from one thing to another (wavy, etc) fun puzzle sheets for fine motor skills

    Crafty Crafty
    Make letters using pipecleaners
    Use letter beads (big ones) and use the waxy craft string (instead of yarn) to string it with. (depends on how good their motor skills are). Ask them to make words or names (but let them be creative and put what they want).
    Paint the letter of the week and draw a picture that starts with that letter.
    Cut/glue an alphabet train on paper.

    Literacy in Action
    Put magnets on end of yarn and a sturdy pole type object and play go fishing with those magnetic letters (haven't tried that one, but I am having a fishing center tmw)
    In addition to books on tape, have them try to identify which book the narrator is reading (have the correct book and 2 similar but obvious enough differences)
    Have a cause/effect prediction/conclusion type center

    Writer's Block
    Have a writing center. They can choose to make art/cards for someone. You could even set up a mailbox type environment and mail to the Principal, you, etc.
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    Nov 28, 2006

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    I change the activities every week in my centers.

    This week in the writing center they are stamping sight words. They love using the stamps. It was the 1st time we have used the small ones. In the beginning of the year I had them use large letter stamps to do their name.

    I usually have an art center and next week the children are doing dreidel painting, the following week they will make reindeer pictures using their hands as antlers, the last week of December they will sponge paint a kinara for Kwanza

    My reading center: some weeks we have leveled readers that small groups of children use with me. Other weeks they will use: opposite/rhyming puzzles, Upper/lowercase matching, ordering the alphabet, and magnetic letters. I made a ton of file folder games that I use in the reading center. Can also do sight word memory, letter/word rubbing. I write a word out on a index card and trace over it with the glue. Then you place a piece of paper over it and rub. The kids love it. We will also fish for letters too!

    In the phonics center some weeks they will do sorting on beginning/ending consonants. Next week we will be using picture stamps and the children will stamp the picture under the letter it starts with.

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