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Discussion in 'Fifth Grade' started by mpolik1, Jul 18, 2012.

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    Jul 18, 2012

    Hi all! (I think I initially posted this to the wrong section- I hope I'll actually get a response now)

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on being a 5th grade teacher? I know it isn't too specific, but anything that you could tell me really would benefit me.

    Here is a short synopsis- I finally got a job in the county that I've been trying to get a position with for over a year. The thing is, I've only gone as far as 3rd grade.

    Also, the school departmentalizes. I will be in charge of teaching math and science. There is even more pressure on my part because the school met AYP, I don't want to mess up.

    Any tips you could give me would be greatly appreciated
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    I've taught 5th for most of my career-and it is my favorite grade to teach! Welcome!!!!
    First of all, keep in mind that they are still kids. I still joke with them and have fun with them-they still love parties(when appropriate), stickers and positive praise! Girls are a bit more challenging for me at this age. They seem to be more full of drama at this age. Lots of cattiness and gossiping. But-they still will write you letters and draw you pictures!
    Science at this age is a HUGE motivator! They will love to do experiments! Unfortunately, I am limited in my time to teach science, but when I do-it is the most exciting time during my week!
    Math is more challenging at this age. State standards put more pressure to have the students master concepts they may not be developmentally ready to master. Keep that in mind! A few things that has helped me tremendously with teaching math are: have the students keep a math journal, if your school can provide you with a document camera (elmo) it is invaluable for the students to see and discuss others' work, learn what you can about the Singapore method to teaching math, invest in Van de Walle's book "Teaching Student Centered Mathematics Grades 3-5" (it is my math bible-the approaches really work!), and have the kids focus on the "why" the answer works, not the "how".
    Feel free to PM me anytime. I hope this helps!

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