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Discussion in 'Fifth Grade' started by rachaelski, May 26, 2009.

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    Hello everybody,

    I am fresh off the phone with the district I was hoping to work for, and I have received and accepted an offer to teach 5th grade self-contained classroom. I am finishing my 3rd year of teaching, but my experience has been 6th English/Language Arts and 5th grade Social Studies (I work at an early-middle school). I have so many ideas my mind is on overdrive!

    I am also beginning a PhD program and my proposed dissertation research topic is using literacy as a focus in Social Studies and Science. I plan to put my ideas to work in my own classroom!

    What has worked for you seasoned 5th grade teachers? Fountas and Pinnell's Guiding Readers and Writers is my bible....I love Mechanically Inclined by Jeff Anderson (powerful sentences as models for grammar instruction). I have a great battery of supplemental material for math (in fact it is an entire curriculum from a successful system of charter schools). And after a year of teaching 5th grade social studies only, I am confident. I am totally in awe of and inspired by Rafe Esquith (Teach Like Your Hair is On Fire).

    What do I need to know?????
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    In Texas, our students have to take state assessments in math, reading and science, so I integrate as much as I can and try to use really engaging literature to compensate for the really awful practice tests. I regularly use the nonfiction texts on Reading A-Z and Science A-Z for guided reading, Lakeshore's Math and Science Quiz Game Shows for regular concept review, and the comprehension and fluency activities at A large portion of my unit on the American Revolution ties into My Brother Sam is Dead as a read-aloud, and I like giving my students projects and book reports that tie into major concepts whenever possible.

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