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    Aug 16, 2002

    Hi everyone, I'm teaching 3rd grade for the first time. I need help finding websites for third grade and I need ideas on what to do. I know that i'm doing centers and I have helped 5 people with centers and how to create a rotation. Please replly. :)
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    Aug 2, 2002
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    Aug 25, 2002

    Hi, Cara,
    I can't believe there are no replies to your request. Practically everyone registered has at least two favorite sites. First, decide if you want sites to which they can travel on their computer time in response to a Web Quest you give them. This can be as unstructured as you want, or can require specific answers to questions designed for each site they encounter on their "quest."
    As for web sites for you, I like Yahoo! Education K-12; K-12 Ecology-Environment; Criss Cross Puzzle; CBC4Kids; Discovery Channel; National Geographic; Award Certificate Generator; Personal Education Press; and Teach-nology. I found many sites by entering google searches with key words for (as an example) music lessons and worksheets, Thailand, Art Contests, Maps, An Atlas of the World, and many Universities create informational sites for areas of study. The time you spend searching for sites is well worth it, if only to know that you're not alone in caring about the methods you use and that you are conversant in the technology. Good Luck! Chat anytime, I love to encourage other teachers.

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