Need Work? Consider Relocating To Northeastern Illinois

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    If you're afraid you won't find work then perhaps you should consider relocating to Northeastern Illinois. There's tons of vacancies here, especially in the Lake County region.

    Here's some links if you're interested (links take you to current vacancy lists or searchable databases):

    Chicago Public Schools (CPS) -

    Cook County -
    Lake County -
    McHenry County -
    Kane County -
    DuPage County -
    Will County -

    Northeastern Illinois is a fast-growning area and new schools are continually going up, especially in the county of Lake (the richest county in our nation). So if you really need a job, CONSIDER Illinois!

    Important links for those considering relocation to teach in Illinois:

    Becoming an Illinois-Certified Teacher
    Teacher Certification Out-of-state-application checklist
    Special Note to Out-of-State Candidates

    Hope this help someone out a bit! ;) Heck, it may even help someone in Southern or Central Illinois even. Let me know if it does.

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