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Discussion in 'Music Teachers' started by DeanaP, Nov 2, 2016.

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    Nov 2, 2016
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    Nov 2, 2016

    So, I am out of work with a back issue, and believe it or not, I am happy that I broke my back. I hate teaching now. I love the students so much, but in NYS (and I assume many other places) it is absolutely horrible for me now. I teach special needs music and I travel from school to school. I have 23 different special education classes from K-12. I see some of them once a week, some of them twice a week, and some of them 2.5 times per week. My schedule is so confusing that I see some students two days in a row, some M-W, some M-TH, some M-F, and every other combination you can imagine. There is no rhyme or reason as to order. It's not like 5th graders are all on one day, or at one time slot all week. I can have K 3 1 5 one day and 5 5 4 2 the next, but I already saw one of the 5's yesterday, but won't see the other class for 4 days. It is absolutely maddening. I don't have books, so for the past 11 years I have been creating PowerPoints and manipulatives, and writing my own concerts, and working my you know what off just to get by. Now, since the APPR has hit, I have had to write a new curriculum for K-12 that aligns with the NYS Music standards including 2 page lesson plans and assessments for each class period. I just can't do it anymore. I can't. Not only that, but I am on a teacher improvement plan for the second year in a row. I teach special needs kids, and they have to take the regular ed test. There are 7-10 questions on each of the tests, and 95% of the questions are on music reading and vocabulary. They do not tell me what musical terms will be on the test, and on a 7 question test, the growth scores were supposed to be +5 in order to be effective. I am never going to get off the tip plan. I am absolutely miserable. I used to love my job. It was always hard, but my boss thought I did a great job. She retired and now I get nothing but flack from all of my bosses. I ask for help and I am told no. I make suggestions, and I am ignored. Why in the world am I still there?
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    That's something only you can answer. It seems as though there must be something that is holding you there. What is it?
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    I'm sorry - music classes should be about music, not boring vocabulary, especially for SPED and young students. I understand needing to know vocabulary if taking a higher level class or a music theory class, but why ruin something that many of these kids would otherwise love?

    I hope you find something that makes you happy. Right now, I teach at a charter school and love it. Perhaps that would be an option for you? Our music teacher has a lot of freedom and she seems quite happy, although she is part time. My point is, there might be somewhere out there that would be a better fit.

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