Need Suggestions! 5th Grade game of Life!

Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by Mrs Teacher, Aug 22, 2012.

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    I'm SO excited!!!! I posted a donor's choose project not too long ago and it just got fully funded!! A company was doing a "double your impact" promotion for any project that promotes financial literacy. On a whim, I asked for a case of composition notebooks and 2, yes TWO, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0s!! Fully Funded!! :)

    Anywho! I want to use them for a Thursday & Friday weekly project based on the childhood boardgame LIFE. I figured I'd give you the run down and then you could maybe give me feedback and suggestions?

    Objective... to see how successful you can be in life based on salary and spending choices. Each quarter we will determine final "success" or "failure" and then we'll start over.

    To prevent kids from complaining, I think I'm going to make it so that everyone at one point in time will get each possible career. The 4 possible careers will be 1) something that doesn't even require a high school diploma, 2) just high school diploma needed, 3) bachelor's degree required, 4) masters or higher degree.

    Also, to keep it simple, the salary for each "level" will be the same (TBD). But the actual job can vary... so for career level 4 they get to pick what they want whether it be a doctor/lawyer/administrator... etc. This way, every student in career group 4 can meet and compare spending decisions based on the same exact salary.

    This is what I figured I'd cover for each quarter.
    - Job Assignment - they'll discover their salary at this point.
    - Choose benefits/paycheck withholdings - automatic savings deductions, leveled health insurance, tax withholdings, dental
    - Choose housing - what level of rent/mortgage do you want?
    - Vehicle - monthly payments? no car at all? public transportation?
    - Bills - utilities, cable, cell phone?
    - Living expenses such as gas for your car, groceries, clothes
    - Luxury/entertainment like restaurant trips, social outings, vacations, buying things at the mall, etc.
    - Surprise expenses - randomly pick your fate - could be nothing... could be that you popped 2 tires!

    I'm wondering if I want to incorporate credit cards? That might get too complicated.

    I'm thinking, once the salary and set bills are ironed out (rent/mortgage, monthly bills, etc) each week will be a way to choose and record/calculate how you manage your money.

    What do y'all think??
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    I think Walch Publishing has a book similar to this. I don't know the name. If you Google them and call customer service, maybe they can help. The book might be helpful to plan. What a great idea!
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    For housing, you could do a bit on choosing a roommate-- what qualities are important.

    And when I taught a math class based on the same ideas, my kids had to pay me rent (I printed up checks from on the first of each month with no reminders from me. They counted as a quiz grade.

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