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    So I have been teaching Advanced Placement classes for the past 3 years and next year I have a mixed group with a few kids that are on kindergarten reading level. We have to have group work after our reading lesson but I am at a loss for what to do with those students. They will not be able to complete the activities for fourth grade group work. Should I give them ELL work, pair them with higher level students, or give lets say sequence activities to them based on their level like find first grade activities? Thank you!!
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    I don't know where your comfort level is with ESL. I would suggest that you take a look at the Free Resources and Links thread. Many of the things will be interesting but not relevant, but you will run across quite a few links that deal with ESL resources. I have tried to identify them to make them easier to pull out. Some may already be in you arsenal, others are quite current. The thread currently has 97 pages, but like I said, I have tried to take care to make the ESL resources easy to find. I just added a couple of ESL links in the last day or so, and there are quite a few towards the front of the thread. Hopefully there will be something there that will be of use to you. Best of luck!

    And lest I forget, let me share this with you - :welcome:

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