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    I am in a teacher cert program and we have to do a short paper (4-5pgs) about how to implement the Core Curriculum Content Standards for NJ with the idea that the best learning happens when kids can be creative. My area of certification is early childhood and I was thinking of choosing the Reading standard which basically says that children should be able to understand the knowledge of souncds and words to become fluent with many genres of reading and comprehension. I chose this standard b/c I think literacy is integrated with every content area and without being able to comprehend and form ideas about what you are reading then you won't do well in ANY subject area. Maybe that is too broad an area and I should just choose a social studies standard. Anyway, the prof. is very vague in his instruction and he said he doesn't want a lesson plan he just wants us to come up with creative ideas on how to implement the standard. I'm not sure how to approach this standard without giving specific lessons. This is my first class in this teaching cert program so I am not even sure what type of lessons I would teach to implement this standard anyway. I am so lost and second guessing myself now. If anyone has ANY ideas at all I would really appreciate it. Thank You:(

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