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Discussion in 'General Education' started by Thad, Jul 1, 2009.

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    Jul 1, 2009

    I'm about to enter my last year of college in August. I will be getting a bachelors degree in communications with an emphasis in advertising. I really enjoy advertising but realize my calling is teaching and coaching high school football. I have been coaching for the last two years at the local high school.

    My question is what route do I take to get my teaching degree in Virginia. I'm so close to getting my degree in communications, I don't want to just abandon what I've already completed. I have read about the Provisional License that Virginia offers and wondered if I should go that route once I get my degree in communications. But if I do that what subjects could I teach, if any, with a communications degree?

    Any suggestions on what I should do?
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    Jul 1, 2009

    Districts in Virginia will likely not consider anyone on a provisional except for special education, math and some science teachers. Some districts will not hire provisionals at all. Larger districts are more likely. I am going to be working on a provisional myself in the Fall. One of their big concerns in hiring me was the plan I have worked out to finish the requirements in a year. They have had too many people fail to complete the outstanding requirements, but the fact that I had VCLA, Praxis II and was already enrolled in an MAED program worked in my favor. Definitely have a concrete plan in place for fulfilling the requirements.

    I'm not sure what you could teach with a communication degree, but there is a big pdf somewhere on the DOE site that breaks all the licensing requirements down. You probably have the credits for marketing or possibly business. But, I would not depend on being able to find a job in those fields with just a provisional license. If you can swing enough credits for a math endorsement, your chances are probably great, especially with the ability to coach. Middle school math and science are also big needs.

    The DOE publishes a list of the top 10-12 critical shortage areas in Virginia each year. Districts are not going to hire provisionals much beyond the top 4-5.

    I notice you are in SW Va. VT has at least one distance MAED program designed for teachers on provisionals or full license. You get 40% off in-state tuition, which is FABULOUS.

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