Need an interesting short story with lots of good description

Discussion in 'Secondary Education' started by ifightaliens, Nov 19, 2009.

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    Nov 19, 2009

    I'm just being lazy now (a sign that my year's going ok!) but any suggestions on a short story that has particularly good descriptions (of anything) and is engaging to kids? I want to use one in my creative writing class since we're talking about descriptive writing.
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    Nov 19, 2009

    First of all, glad to see you here again! Was wondering what you were up to these days. It's hard to forget a screen name like yours.

    I'm biased, but this is a story written by a friend of mine. It is full of descriptive language about the narrator's fight with breast cancer. Also, there are a multitude of minor characters in the story, but each one has just enough detail to give them literary weight. I'm always happy to push Trish's work on the general populace!

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