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Discussion in 'General Education' started by Shiloh17, Jan 24, 2015.

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    Jan 24, 2015

    Hi Everyone,

    I graduated college in May 2013 with a prek-4th certification. Currently, I teach pre-k at a private catholic school. I love where I work, my co-workers, children and families. The only problem is I have no benefits and the pay is very poor. It is my second year, I work everyday until 1PM. I go through periods where I get very upset, knowing I could do more with my degree. When I intitally graduated I applied to numerous teaching positions and had no luck. I really liked the vibe from this preschool, because of all the resources available. Computer room, library, classroom materials, iPads etc. I am planning on returning, although my hours may get cut on tues/thurs. I may teach a shorter class. In the summer I am planning on looking for one-on-one and TA positions in the public schools. The truth is I am comfortable where i am at, I would stay there if I could make more money. I have no desire to be a public school teacher. :( I think I need advice and motivation....what should I do? TIA
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    Jan 24, 2015

    Are there any other private schools nearby?
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    I don't think the pay at a Catholic School will ever be comparable to a public school, especially in the area where I live. As teachers move up in salary steps year after year Catholic School teachers' salaries stay the same. You have to decide what's more important to you, the salary or the community. Maybe at this point in your life it's the community but later on you might need a higher salary. You could still find a public school with great resources and a nice community feel. Now that you have experience it might be easier to get that job.
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    Can you find another part time job to supplement your income?

    I'm thinking working at a tutoring center, proctoring exams, teaching online...

    Many of these jobs are part time but can pay upwards of $20 an hour. It could be worth looking into. I signed up to tutor with a company, though I haven't gotten a job through them yet... but it's a valid company with good pay. I will get $20-23 an hour depending on the job. If you're interested, PM me and I can give you a referral.
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    If you chose to work at a Catholic school in any grades K-4, you probably would make more money. Most schools pay preschool teachers less than K-4 positions whether you are in public or a private school. That is one way to boost your pay.

    Since you get out at 1pm, I am guessing you are not at full time. Am I correct? If you move to a full-time teaching position in a Catholic school that would be a second way to boost your pay.

    A third way to boost your pay would be to add a small part time job that could add some $$$. If you get out at 1pm, you have a lot of available hours to work.

    A fourth way, is to look at the city you are in and see if there are Catholic schools that pay more than the one you are at. I am Catholic and I do know that in some cities, all the schools begin at the same starting pay, and some cities vary the pay for each school. I am not sure what it is at your school. I know my Catholic teacher friends tell me that in Arizona, they have benefits and also make close to what public teachers make. I know that is not true in many other states. Good luck to you.

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