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Discussion in 'Montessori Archives' started by jasmine, Jan 12, 2006.

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    Jan 12, 2006

    Hi, I'm not teaching at the moment as I'm expecting my first baby and my health hasnt been too good. I have been asked by a friend if I would tutor her child on language. I used to teach him.I had started making words with the moveable alphabet with him when I was teaching him and introducing him to phonograms. I was just wondering if anyone could give me advice on the best language material to make and easiest and cheapest way to make it?
    I would appreciate any advice, thanks
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    Jan 20, 2006

    HI Jasmine - good for you taking on a child one to one - just what is needed for montessori. I recently had to make all the language material from scratch. First thing you should do is buy a laminator, pink card, blue card and green card. Try accumulate twelve tiny objects for each series - e.g a lid for pink, small bell for blue and maybe a tiny doll's chair for green. You will also need pictures. Then make up your object and LMA boxes, object and card boxes, picture and LMA boxes and picture and card boxes. You can stick a picture on card to make phrase strips and sentence strips. Sight words cards and word lists are easy to make. Don't forget that the words change from half to quarter inch in the green. It's a lot of fidly work, but it looks really great when it's all done. Good luck.

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