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Discussion in 'Teacher Time Out' started by tinytotsteacher, Sep 13, 2010.

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    I need your advice! I have been with my current employer for the past 6 years in a licensed childcare center. We are under the local school districts non- certified union contract. I am considered a teacher by the state DHS qualifications for childcare center staff. I have my AS in Early Childhood Education and will have my AA in December. Last year my director informed us due to budget issues because of moving to a larger space, that if more then one teacher was in a room, then the teacher with lower seniority would have to have their pay dropped to assistant teacher wage. This did not effect me, as I was the only staff in my room at the time.
    After being in a room alone for 9 months with 7 young toddlers, 5 days a week for consistency. I asked for a break this past summer. I was feeling disconnected from my co-workers, and stress from working alone with no help from any one. My room was within ratio. I asked my boss to move me to another room for the summer, and that I would like to return in the fall. I knew in the fall the room would be switched over to an older infant room with 2 staff. She was fine with that, and told me I would have to take a pay cut and be placed 2 days as assistant. I was fine with that since it was for the summer.
    Three weeks ago she approached me about the fall session(started today) and what my plans were. I told her I expected to be back in my regular room as discussed last spring. She wanted to keep the person in there she had used as my replacement, and was I flexable about day off and room? We normally work four 9.5 hour days. I was flexible except stated I wouldn’t want to work with a certain staff(no body does!). Schedule came out Friday before labor day, a week late, and she had me 1 day teacher, and 3 days assistant. I approached her, and told her I needed my teacher pay returned. Last Thursday night she presented a new schedule at our orientation, and I was pulled from the one room and put down to assistant in another. I approached her Friday, and she stated she would have to talk to her boss. Well, she did, and they aren’t returning my pay, and I may be moved in December. Two weeks ago she said that I definitely would be teacher in December. She didn’t have the guts to even talk to me on Friday or today, I found a note in my staff mailbox this afternoon after she left for the day.
    What would you do? I am third in seniority, and there are 3 people with 2 years or less and no degree(non-qualified teachers) who will receive teacher pay. I have over 300 hours accumulated sick pay, and 60 hours of vacation. That is the equivlant to 3 months income for me. I am tempted to quit, and in January go to school full-time instead of part-time as planned.
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    If you can be assured that they will pay you for all that accumulated leave, going back to school sounds like a nice idea.

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