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Discussion in 'General Education' started by Live4Learning, Oct 26, 2008.

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    Ok, this may be long...sorry in advance!

    I recently graduated with a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies. While in the program I had to choose 3 areas of emphasis. I chose Education, English, and History. After graduation, I decided to pursue teacher certification through my states non-traditional licensure program. I have to take the Praxis II Content Knowledge Early Childhood Education, take 2 methods of reading courses starting in January, pay $1200 a year for 2 years for the program, attend a 3 week training module for 2 summers in a row, and attend a training module on one Saturday a month for 2 years. I would start the program June 2009 and be able to start teaching Fall 2009 while I'm in the program.

    I had my mind made up that this is what I was going to do until I had a pregnancy scare (small). I thought I was pregnant (I wasn't). The point is if I were to have been pregnant my due date would have been during the 1st week of my 1st summer module, meaning I would be MIA. These modules are mandatory no matter what. The scare really freaked me out, because my husband and I are basically newlyweds (ok, we've been married 3 years) and we have a 16 month old son. I cannot guarantee that for 2 years I will not become pregnant, despite our best efforts at birth control (pills, patch, Mirena not an option, the hormones aggravate my acid reflux badly!) So I'm very nervous about the program now.

    Through lurking through posts I've stumbled across Western Governors University. I looked at their site and I am very interested in going that route to get my teaching license. I contacted my state to make sure I could get licensed after completing a program at WGU and they said as long as they are NCATE accredited I would have no problem getting my license. The thing is the program I would do is the Masters in Education K-8. I do not want to borrow anymore money to do another Bachelors. Plus I know that I want to teach, I've subbed and observed. I know it's risky to get a masters before actually having my own classroom but I was planning on getting a masters eventually anyway, so why not combine it with working toward my certification?

    I'm also looking for a job right now and have had two interviews at the university I got my BS at for non-teaching positions. One interview was for Childhood Services as a Parapro Caregiver and the other was for a program that works with high school students that are from disadvantaged families and plan to go to college. If I am hired for one of these jobs I will probably go the WGU route just because it will take less time away from my family than my state's program.

    I'm just confused right now as to what is the best thing to do! What would you do? :help::dizzy:
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    I am working on my student teaching through WGU right now. Have you looked at getting your Post Bac first? WGU allows you to do student teaching as a teacher of record - usually a long term sub or teaching in a private school.

    There are a few threads on WGU in the student teacher thread, and you will find a whole bunch of WGU students by googling WGU Student Hall.
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    Can you visit with a teacher registrar for the state? I did that in NY. And because I completed my MST in pre-K to 6 with an undergrad in literature, I am certified pre-K to 6 and 7-12 ELA. I am not sure how Arkansas school view master degrees (I've noticed some posts where folks say it works against getting hired? Crazy in an era of NCLB, if you ask me). In NY a masters is required within 5 years...

    Then choose the program that best meets your family's needs. Family, first for sure...

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