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Discussion in 'Preschool' started by Audria007, Jan 17, 2017.

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    In my classroom I have started to read stories at naptime. It has really helped with a lot of naptime issues. It helps most of the kids stay quiet and on their cots during naptime. The next day I will read it to them at circle time do they can see the pictures. I always tell them at naptime to close their eyes and think about what the pictures are going to look like. I am asking my boss for some more books because they are starting to get bored with the ones we have. Any suggestions? What is your naptime routine?
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    When I taught prek, I did the same thing really. How come your school doesnt have anymore books? For me It was myself or the assistant teacher reading a book while some when to the bathroom. I also put on the music right after they ate their lunch to already get them settled. You could always go on donors choose if you think you'd want more books for your students and you don't want to spend $$ out of your pocket. I use to go to the library but I would forget to return the books and end up with fines lol.
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    Story time
    (I read, large group, rug, lights off & music on when I'm done)

    Bathroom / Cot time
    (they take turns going to the bathroom while taking their cots to their spots. Even the 3's can handle this task and it's easier on teachers!)

    Nap time
    (I play "Weightless" by Marconi Union on a loop through YouTube. It's the most relaxing song in the world. They even recommend not playing it while driving because you will fall asleep.)

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