Nap room Struggles....fresh advice needed

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    Hi everyone let me give you some quick background information. I have worked as a ECE teacher in preschool for 17 years with a scatering in other age groups as well.

    Room Dynamics: 3s
    Group Size: 26 to 30 (Ratio 1 to 15)(Texas State ratios)

    I have a little boy who has been giving me issues with wanting to lay on his cot at naptime. Since Ratios double at nap as long as all kods are on their cots it can be a striggle when I am by myself with all 26 to 30 children.

    It started about three weeks ago. I cannot think of any one issue that may have caused it at the top of my head. He would usually lay quietly and drift off to sleep. Now it starts with him layong there. Then he will get board and sit up, then he will want to get up or start talking to anyone he sees. Once he thought it was funny to try and run around the classroom. When corrected he will laugh at you in the face or screen and yell and tell you no. One or two other kids will feed into the disruptive behavior and the last few times I have to call for assistamce to get the kids down to sleep. I have talked to his mother who is a very no nonsense women who and firm with him but it does not seem to help.

    The funny thing is that the rest of the day he will listen to me. Even if/when I do get on to him or redirect him he my throw a fit but will do it. It os just nap time the triggers the behavior. I am afraix that he almost comes to enjoy the battle and it is comong a thing and trying to prevent it.

    Some things I have tried are:
    -Moving him away from others in the room to a quiet area around children that mostly sleep.
    -ignoring the behavior
    -being stern
    -calling his mother
    -offering to sit with him rub back help him calm and settle down.
    -offered him a quiet activity when he has laid quietly for a while.

    We have the same predictiable routine we follow everyday so nothing on that end changed we:
    -go outside 30 to 45 minites before lunch
    -come in drink water listen to a story or look at books
    -eat, bathroom, they fix their cots with their sheet choose a blanket from the basket lay down.

    Our nap is two hours
    -lights off, soothing music
    -walk around to cover them up.

    Our nap is two and a half hours so we can have at least an hour break. And he is a child that really needs a nap or he is ornery and easily upset in the afternoon.

    As soon as my coteacher comes back he will lay stright down if he is not asleep and cover his head and won't make a sound. With me or one of the directors he wants to fight. I figure by then he has worn himself out and that is why he goes to sleep.

    Any tricks you might have or advice for stubborn mappers so the room can be calm again is appreciated.

    Ps. Worte this on my phone pleas forgive any errors in spelling.

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