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Discussion in 'Substitute Teachers' started by hac711, Oct 26, 2010.

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    so this situation happened and I feel so good about how the school responded.
    Was in a long term in a very "developing" school. Needless to say the kids were beyond horrendous. I got a lot of them to work with me through different means, but there were a few who were just nasty pieces of work. To the point that as a religious individual I try to see the light of goodness in everyone, and these girls had no light. I am dead serious. One girl was sitting on my table and I said for her to get off. She said I was to ask her, not tell her (excuse me, child??) I walked up to her slowly and said get off the table now. She jumped off, got in my face and said, did I stutter?? You better ask (excuse me, axe) next time. I looked at her and smiled an adult smile and said congratulations on winning a trip out of class. I called the police (no no, they deal with all dicipline issues at this school...very very urban) who came and removed her from class. Another girl called me a B%*&h:woot: for doing it, I went in the hall, called the police officer back and told him he could take her too. After class I went to the V.P explained the situation. She immediately called both their whoevers (not parents, don't think they have) had the first suspended for 5 days and the other for 1 day. Needless to say, I did not have to deal with their 'tudes again. Score one for the subs.
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    I give you mad props for sticking/working in this type of environment. Lord knows they need it.
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    How did I miss this thread? OMG, so many kids are horrendous & have no respect whatsoever. These girls sound like middle or high schoolers, am I right? However, I wouldn't be surprised if they were 5th or 6th graders.

    Read in the other thread (below) how my day was subbing kinder, post #12: :mad:
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    That is how the school are to shows respect for the subs.

    This was during the week before last week. As I took attendance, letting them write their name on Sign-in sheet - they have to write the spot I point out on the paper that corresponds to where they sit. This girl sneaked out of the class; must have been very soon after she signed in. After I was done with taking the attendance, I did the head count and found two missing. I compared with the sign-in sheet I developed which shows where they're sitting and so I found out who sneaked out easily.

    I called and reported. The security must have picked them up (from rest room or wherever they tend to hang out.)

    One must have been not happy about getting caught. She made someone from the office called me in the next period who told me that she had her stuff in the room and how would I want to handle that. I said, I didn't see any but she could come and check. The lady said that she would send the student in the last 5 mins of the period. When the girl came, she came straight to me - I was at the desk - yelling at me how I was supposed to watch her stuff, using lines like "You're a sub, right? but never letting me to say anything. it was total vernal assault. When I realized that she wasn't going to stop, I just grabbed the phone. So she walked back to the door but before she left, she said a bunch of those again and also b**** word. I reported all that to the security. During lunch, VP called me and asked exactly what she said.

    She was saying a lot more outside the room as she was leaving. Some kids were by the door waiting to take off as the bell was about to ring. A passerby - don't know it's a teacher or staff - entered inside the room and told me that the the girl called me a b**** and was saying a bunch of stuff. I replied, "I know, I called the security already."

    I had her in another class later last week. She didn't try anything big enough for me to reprimand her. 9She did move her desk real close to the student next to her but was not loud and so I just said, "Since you to are working, I wouldn't ask you to move your desk back". Probably testing me to see whether I would get on her case. I never pick on a student in any personal way. I don't even do that with adults who have been mean to me. I think that these kids still want to feel accepted and so they test the sub in their own way to see what happens.

    The school must have done a great job for she was not aggressive like she was that day, storming in and yelling at me.

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