My first DOE interview!!!

Discussion in 'Job Hunting & Interviews' started by Doris, Jul 1, 2017.

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    Good morning everyone, its my first time posting. First a little background: I'm a SEIT (Special Education Itinerant Teacher). I have a few cases this summer. I love my job, everything about the job itself is a dream come true for me. The hours, thenschedule, working one on one with students, the money. The ONLY downside is the benefits. I don't get any, have to pay a CRAZY amount for insurance. I recently had a baby (still on maternity leave), so you guys can imagine the amount it is for insurance. So I decided to speak with the mother of one of my students, who's a board of ed teacher. She said she was going to speak to her principal. She told me that the principal peeked up when she read my resume and asked if I was any good, the mom stated that I was and that I had worked wonders with her son. The mom called me on a Wednesday afternoon, and said that I got the interview for the very next day, not even 24 hours later!!! I went on the interview (it was my first time ever interviewing at a public school, so nervous was an understatement). Principal was super laid back, the other person in the room was the uft representative who's a special ed teacher in the school as well. The entire interview was no longer than 15-20 minutes, and that was including what we waited for the uft lady to come back from buying coffee. She asked me no more than 4 questions. Nothing what I had practiced. She ended by saying, "it was nice meeting you, we (her and the other lady) are going to have a conversation and get back to you". She didn't give a timeline or anything. My concern is that the interview was so short. But since I was recommended by a parent, is it a good sign that the interview was a bit laid back and so short? Thank you all for reading!!
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    Sounds promising! Did you hear anything back? Sounds like you're in NYC, the interview which I got a job offer from went similar, minus the coffee break.

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