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    Hello Job Seekers!

    I live in rural Southeastern Arizona roughly three hours from Phoenix. My district still has two teaching vacancies:

    * Career and Technical Education teacher (carpentry)

    * Special Ed (K-4)

    If you're interested in applying, drop me a PM and I'll send you my district's website.

    I'm especially concerned about the CTE vacancy as I am one of three CTE teachers. I'd hate for this job to go unfilled.

    Don't have a CTE degree? No problem ... neither did I at this time last year. If you have industry experience in carpentry, that'll definitely work. I THINK you need at least 3000 hours of verifiable on the job experience.

    There are also many jobs available in the greater Phoenix area. Phoenix always has problems filling positions as do many cities across the U.S.

    For information about teacher certification in Arizona, visit:

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