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Discussion in 'Multiple Subject Tests' started by Brenda Tessendorf, Dec 18, 2016.

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    Dec 18, 2016

    Hello Everyone,

    So I just recently took the multiple subject subset 3 test and almost passed it. I received a 214 - only 6 points away!

    Here are the stats on how I did:

    All of the domain sections in the multiple choice, I had gotten a ++ out of 4. The first and second constructed response I had passed and the 3 constructed response it said that I lacked purpose and subject knowledge matter. Overall, they said that multiple choice I had gotten ++ our of 4 and overall constructed response a +++ out of 4.

    Anyone have any ideas on where I would need to focus my studies? Thank you for any thoughts on this.
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    Dec 19, 2016

    "Purpose" has to do with whether your answer clearly addressed the point of the question: whether you got the answer right, more or less. "Knowledge" relates to whether your response read like one from someone who knows the subject matter. One sign of knowing a subject - and one that the scorers expect to see - is using the technical terminology that's appropriate to that subject. For human development, that means knowing and applying the the labels for stages of development, challenges to development, and cognitive theories. For PE, it means knowing appropriate terms for body systems and body mechanics, fitness and health, and leadership/teamwork and recreation. For the arts, it means knowing the design principles of the arts and recognizing them in an artwork, naming key elements of visual art, music, dance, and theatre, and having a basic grasp of the history of the arts.

    What have you been doing to study for Subtest III?

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