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Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by acl1974, Aug 15, 2012.

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    I haven't heard from yesterday's interview, but he said he would be making calls within a couple of days so hopefully I hear something positive by tomorrow. I am ready to put that behind me either way. A new position popped up today that fits right into my skill set. I am going to focus on getting that cover letter and packet ready to drop off at the school in the morning before I go to work.
    I can't afford to waste time hoping for this job to happen for me. It was just one interview and they may have already had a candidate in mind. Who knows? I am going to refocus my search now. Time is of the essence. Good luck to everyone still looking. It's so tough out there.
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    Great attitude! I picked myself up the same way two weeks ago, and then I suddenly landed two interviews on the same day, back to back! I can tell you, that boosted my confidence, and I went into those interviews smiling. I wasn't even nervous, and I had been very nervous at previous interviews this summer. I just went in thinking, this is a great opportunity, I answered questions thoughtfully and honestly, and I used real-life experience stories about both elementary school students in my former teaching positions and adults students who I tutored last spring. Both types of stories wowed both committees; I was walked out by both principals asking how they could reach me in the next couple of days, and I felt very strongly that I had made positive and strong impressions at both interviews. The first principal wished me good luck, but not too much luck, at my next interview. She knew I had one as I had told her during our scheduling process.

    Attitude counts for so much. I got a call two hours after one interview offering me the job--they said they just knew I "was the one". I strongly suspect I would have gotten the other position as well; sounds crazy but I say this because I felt a similar chemistry and the principal said at one point during the interview that I had blown them away.

    So, do go to your next interview believing in yourself and knowing that you have much to offer. Be honest, be heartfelt, and let your passion for teaching show. You will wow them and be able to speak intelligently about teaching because you won't be as nervous and they will see that you are the one!

    Good luck!!!! Editing to say: apply for everything...the experience is worth it. I got the most positive feedback from a principal at an interview for a job I wasnt even sure I wanted. They hired internally but the feedback I got gave me such a boost that my next interview went great. I would apply for everything that you are certified for!
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    I hope something works out for you :)

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