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Discussion in 'Middle School / Junior High' started by carrieSAtoUSA, Jun 28, 2016.

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    So I am moving from elementary to Jr. High school. I am used to planning subjects with a general time limit (it's ok to run over because I taught them all subjects, so it didn't affect anyone else). However, I am moving to Jr. High where I will be teaching 6th and 7th Language Arts and Social Studies, and 7th Math. I'm not as worried about math as I am about Language Arts. We have 45 minutes per block. I DO have Lang Arts and SS back to back, which helps a little, especially with integration. However, I have no idea how a 45 minute lesson looks. I need to cover grammar, writing and reading (from novels, to short stories and a Literature book). Does anyone have a template or some ideas for me to get started? I am currently in Paraguay, but teaching according to Georgia standards (but this is also very flexible). There is no team for me to teach with so I can't really get ideas from anyone here.

    I would so appreciate any help. Our break is short - we go back at the end of July.

    Thank you!!!!!
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    Most middle school ELA classes, in my area, are actually 90 minutes long. (On the plus side, the teachers only have three classes. On the down side, the other two class periods are broken down to: 45 minutes for grade ELA teacher meets/grade level meets, 23 minutes for lunch, and 23 minutes for planning or lunch/recess duty). So, 45 minutes isn't that bad - you'll just have to watch your time.

    Here is what I saw when I observed middle school: (This was a 90 minute class, so you may want to cut it down or cut some things out.)

    Silent Reading - 20 minutes. The Silent Reading was always novels or nonfiction articles/magazines chosen by the students.

    Grammar Break - 10 minutes. The BEST teacher I saw worked in her grammar this way. It was a daily activity - a new aspect of grammar daily. The local school districts have taken out grammar, so a lot of middle school teachers put it back in via these sort of "BellRingers" (An Example: "A pronoun is used in place of a proper noun. Underline the pronouns in each sentence.") There were usually 5 sentences that the students had to correct, and than the students lead the check - the teacher just jumped in when students forgot something or went off track.

    Reading and Writing- 30 minutes. Students read something - either as a class, or they are read to by a recording/the teacher, or they read in groups. After reading/while reading, they answer questions about the text and than would go over it.

    Spelling Break - 10 minutes. Local school districts have taken out spelling, so a lot of teachers are using websites to do weekly mini-spelling units. The students are usually given ten new spelling words on Monday and do exercises with the words, before having a quiz on Friday.

    Writing - 10 minutes. Students would do journal writing on a topic chosen by the teacher.

    Silent Reading/AR Tests/Pack Up - 10 minutes. the students would read again, clean up, take AR tests, schedule make-up work, have mini-conferences with the teacher, etc.

    I hope some of this helps you and good luck.
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