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    What are some of your favorite classroom activities that you've had the pleasure of doing or leading as a substitute?

    One of my favorites is described in full detail on my blog. I called it a "Class Build-a-Story," but I'm sure it has a better, official name. :lol:

    Basically, the class worked together to make an impromptu writing prompt for themselves. I liked it because it's really flexible, and the kids enjoyed it. They got a chance to write humorous, creative stories with things they brainstormed themselves.

    It was such a good activity that I began to use it whenever I had time to fill or no lesson plans at other sub jobs. :thumb:

    I tend to like watching kids work on projects. I remember monitoring while some third graders were working on turning cereal boxes into something that represented some book they had just read. They had to decorate the front of the box with something symbolic, and then write information on the other sides. It's cool seeing what they can come up with, and helping them think for themselves.

    What are some things you remember enjoying teaching or watching the kids do?

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