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Discussion in 'Middle School / Junior High' started by scooter503, Jun 17, 2011.

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    Jun 17, 2011

    I just finished my first year teaching middle school, and have so many things I want to adjust/fix for next year. One is how I structure my reading class. We are required to teach certain novels, so I can't teach Daily 5 like I did when I was teaching elementary grades. This past year I did do a unit on lit. circles. I also gave them one final project where they had A LOT of choice. However, I'm struggling with new ideas for "teaching" the novels themselves. I don't like constantly assigning questions or vocab, but I find with middle school I need some way to keep them "honest", or they won't do the required reading. Suggestions?
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    Jun 17, 2011

    I am not an English teacher but . . . I've had two dd's that had excellent english teachers with great assignments. Here are some of the assignments they have had and some of the assignments our English teachers use

    *re~write at chapter of the book from a different character's POV
    *have them write the questions for a chapter
    *time-line of the plot with pictures ~students can draw the pictures themselves or cut from magazines
    *have the students write questions they would like to ask the characters
    *do a character acrostic, title acrostic, or author acrostic
    *have the students write questions they would like to ask the author

    just a few suggestions ~ hope this helps
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    A GIST summary (give them a word count, under 20 or 30 words to summarize the chapter).

    Keep a diary as if they were the character

    Write a letter to the character providing advice

    The next day, have a Hot Seat presentation

    Have them work in a group to act out different scenes

    Make a picture collage of the important parts

    Write connections

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