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Discussion in 'New Teachers' started by thechangingtabl, Apr 5, 2009.

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    Apr 5, 2009

    I am in Florida, I am finishing up my 2nd year teaching elementary. My BS is in Social Work. I started an MPA (before teaching) but never finished. So I am interested in getting an education related masters. My principal suggested Gifted ESOL or Reading. But I can get those endorsements free from the district.

    Should I just get a masters with classes that are interesting (motivating) to me or should I stick with a subject area or get an administrative masters just in case I want to be a principal (at this time I do not).


    Should I get a masters to bulk up my credentials (i.e., have at a degree in education) since I don't have an Ed BS?

    When working/completing a masters to move up on the payscale, does it matter what kind of masters, as long as it is in education or a subject taught? MAEd, MSEd, MEd?

    Is the name of the masters important? MEd in Educational Leadership, MAT Elementary Ed, MEd in Curriculum & Instruction?

    Is the degree most important or the classes taken most important when the FLDOE is reviewing the transcripts for additional certification areas or certificate renewal? Or is this all a school district decision?

    If the masters degree is coming from an accredited, but out-of-state university, how do you know if Florida will accept the degree or classes?

    :eek: Sorry for so many questions!
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    Apr 5, 2009

    as long as its regionally accredited u will be okay...and take something that will help u get promoted. that is the one advice a few administraters have told me

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