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    Hi all :) I’m wondering if anyone has, or knows someone who has, gone from certified teacher to Montessori trained teacher, or the other way around. Especially as a parent now, I’m increasingly feeling like the way we “do” school isn’t working. But I love my job, despite its flaws. Has anyone transitioned to a more alternative method of teaching, and how did you go about making it happen?
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    I was trained in Montessori and taught M many yrs ago. The district I was in offered Montessori as an option. They offered a training program in my district which consisted of Saturday classes. In order to get certified in it, you needed more courses than you could get just on Saturday. ( Or it would take too long to get certified.)
    Most teachers formed a cohort and went to California for 2 summers to get the rest of the classes. I had kids and could not do that, so I transitioned into regular classroom teaching. Nowadays, I am guessing you could do it all online. I was able to bring/use some skills I had learned with me.
    Are you thinking about putting your kids into a M program? If so, I can give you some pros and cons depending upon their personality types. :)
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