Montessori Teacher Training: About School Sponsorships

Discussion in 'Montessori' started by myownwoman, Feb 27, 2012.

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    Hello All,

    I hope I find you people doing well. I am currently a student majoring in child development at my local college. I am also subbing at a center. I am interested in learning more about Montessori and how I can be trained. I looked at some schools in my area as well as outside of my area. I am astounded at the expensive tuition these training centers charge. No way can I afford to pay their fees. Though I am pleased at the more affordable payment plans some centers offer. I will definitely take advantage of those.

    I also saw something about schools sponsoring teachers' trainings. I understand the schools will pay (do not know how much) for your training in exchange for teaching at their school after you graduate. I am excited by this possibility for financial aid. I am wondering how many people went through their training by being sponsored. How does it work exactly?

    Any words of advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you so much!:)
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    I think it depends upon the school, really. Every school does it a bit differently. I would think you would need to be connected with a school first and then approach them about paying for your training.

    I paid for my own training both times, for 3-6 and 6-9. I loved every minute of it and wouldn't do anything differently.

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