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Discussion in 'Montessori Archives' started by MDMontessori, Jan 31, 2004.

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    Jan 31, 2004

    I have alot of the traditional Montessori math items. I am looking for some ideas for something more. I get sick of keeping track of all those little beads and bars. Do you use anything else?

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    Feb 1, 2004

    golden bead material

    I am a 3-6 Montessorian, and in my classroom at the end of the day I have to search the rug so that the cleaning crew does not vacuum them up!
    I wish I could use colored marbles instead!

    Good Luck,

    Kathleen in NYC
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    Feb 1, 2004

    gosh i dont miss the mess

    I have the experience with the older kids only and by then beads they use are for EVERYTHING.I have loosey goosey green beads from the division boards and red beads from the multiplication board. THE WORST is the racks and tubes. My daughter was barely Two and in my classroom one day and so quiet. She picked up one tube after the other and poured them onto the floor (carpet muffled the horrible sound of beads hitting the floor~ URGH) Mind you, there are three colors of beads x ten x nine x 7. The puddles of beads were within three feet radius of her body and I will never forget the SMILE on her face- like look mama look what I did.
    I had a cup, one from the math shelf that I would clean up and put the loose beads in until I could 'return' the parts the next day. The worst is returning to school and finding the cup had ONE shelf clip in it! I scrambled desperately before the students came in to find the lingering shelf. now that is the crummiest sound= shelf, wood boxes and materials crashing to the floor!

    The ONLY bead activity I like to use and is awesome for clean up. HA HA is the bead frame!!!
    The stamp game is my favorite apparatus because my fingers DONT like to pinch the teeny beeds that maria chose to implement in EVERY LESSON. The stamp game has the little squares and if you choose to not return them ONE BY ONE to the box, you can just SCOOP them up by handfuls when the equation is done. (YES, I do short cuts in the elem. room and Maria would NOT be pleased but its what works for me!)Now the problem with this material is the top is bigger then the bottom and if you lift the box off the shelf and dont have the bottom well, its like playing 52 card pick up but with THREE colors of tiles and skittles!

    Eileen, Golf tees are great and REAL cheep. If you ever need to make your own spindles or counters or even skittles. The marbles I use but its one of our lessons as negative and positive integers!!! So, I get to actually use them and pad the bowls with felt to MUTE the sound.
    On ebay, I see alot of oriental trading miniature erasers. My sons class (for the hands on algebra uses chess peices from the dollar store and number cubes.) realistically, if you have only one set or one apparatus, you can create your own version of it. I LOVE going into other Mon. classrooms and seeing the personal touches or then again, I love the commonality of any Mon. room and seeing the same materials!
    I had paper versions of stamp games for those kids who were close to abstraction. Since I only had two boxes of it. I also had my own multiplication checkerboards out of paper since EVERY elem. classroom i have ever taught in ONLY had ONE!

    My absolute least favorite- flatening/straightening out my golden bead material that someone crushed. OH NO! Do you ladies have the bead chains in your rooms? Do those EVER get returned properly? If you have this material, do you have your favorite tool to fix the broken link! HA HA, I had a great needle nose plier that i had hanging on my filing cabinet handle for when i needed it! It was great for shelf clips too!
    I miss so much of the montessori classroom but have always had her philosophy and materials I made with me these last two years!

    Kathleen, take a look at the printables i put on atoz for the HOUSE/Rhyming lessons. They would be AWESOME in a 3-6 classroom.


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