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    Hello Everyone.
    My 2 toddlers (age 36 and 22 months)have been attending a fantastic Montessori School. However, we are moving and I thought I would try to provide "school" time at home once we relocate. I am wondering if there are any sites, books, resources, etc that provide step by step lesson plans or more of a structured format for those who would like to teach at home. I see there are lots of sites that provide free materials, but I am in need of actual instructions on how to structure my time--like exactly what I should be doing, or what activities to include or choose from. I also have a 7 month old that I would like to get started in the coming months. Can anyone point me in the right direction??
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    mainly montessori materials include which promotes life skills for ex: you can use timelines, charts, objects of nature, word /puzzle games etc also just google it
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    Hi! I don't speak english so well (I am from Romania), so please excuse my mistakes.

    I have a 30 months old DS and a 7 yo DD.

    I started using montessori activities found on internet, when DD has 6 yo and had to stay away from kindergarten for 3 months (medical isues).
    They where a little random, I made a few materials montessori like. DD liked a lot those activities, but DS was inloved. In only 1 month (24 months old) he knew all the letters of the alphabet capitals and lowercase.

    After that, summer vacation with no activities, only grandparents, picnics, visits....

    In september DD 7 yo started 1st grade school ( In Romania the system is different so I don't know how to translate), so I started to think about really working with my son in a more organized way.

    I made all the materials I could, with cardboard for the inserts and puzzles, lego blocks for blue and red rods, sandpaper letters with varnish and sand etc.

    but the curriculum puzzled me tremendous.
    I divided the scholar year in 9 months from september to may, next 4 weeks a month on a large sheet of paper.
    My son is now 30 months old so I thought that a new concept/ week is enough.
    1st week
    letter A, sandpaper letter,
    number 1, puzzle, sandpaper number
    red color
    The circle, inserts, painting with red color a circle on the chevalet, creating a bear from circles

    2nd week
    letter B
    number 2, number 1, blue and red rods, puzzles
    blue color and red color, painting circle and square, sorting red and bllue things
    The square

    and so on

    The 4th week we reinforce what we learned in the first 3 weeks.

    Practical life starts in the morning and ends at the sleep time. I let him do a lot of things on his own like puting clothes, cuting bananas, sweeping, pouring, puting things where they belong... He is very excited and proud about himself. I am searching every oportunity to let him do on his own.

    He is free to use all the sensorial equipment I have, almost all the day.

    Every month we have a different story book for the night sleep time. Every week we have only one song or poem to repeat every day.

    Concerning geography, phisics, botany, zoology, culture., I found that montessoriprintshop has a lot of ideas and it is very inspirational. Why? Because all the categories helped me to organize my head :). I spread all the categories and sub categories on the entire scholar year.

    Par example: one week we work on air transportation, the next week on water transportation, the other week on ground transportation and so on.

    My daughter attends a step by step school, the best option considering we don't have other option to the classic system, no homeschool. In Romania kids start school at 7 years old, when they learn to read, write, calculate etc. When she cames back from school in the afternoon, he works with the same activities that Ds works in the morning. Ofcourse she has extra activities like 100 board, addition board, movable alphabet, working with the vowel tree .....

    I know it's not what you expected, but I hope it will help a little. Next year my son goes to a public kindergarten and I am returning to work, but if I had the chance to homeschool, I'd invested in a real curriculum, and strugle to asimilate better the montessori philosophy.

    There are a few photos with my montessori attempt last year. It was far from perfect, I didn't had or followed a curriculum or sequence, but it worked wonders on both of my kids in a very short amount of time.

    square and circle

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