Mom needs kindergarten teachers' help!

Discussion in 'Kindergarten' started by Mom2One, Mar 13, 2009.

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    I agree with most of the other posts that children need to start learning responsibility at a young age and need to learn about "logical" consequences. I've been working on that with my daughter since she was 2. (On a small scale, of course) She's 4 1/2 and is very responsible and conscientious for her age. She understands that she needs to be responsible for her actions. Logical consequences are good as long as they are used correctly.

    I am that way with my students in school. If they forget something in the class, oops...they'll have to do without it. They did not follow directions. If they forget to take their library books to the library...sorry, no new book. We go to the library at the same time on the same day every week. It's personal responsibility and they need to be accountable. I'm tired of hearing from students AND parents, ...I did it because so-and-so did this or I know that my child is blah, blah, blah but... We are teaching our kids to make excuses for everything because we make excuses for them. I catch myself doing that sometimes and I have to stop myself. There are always rules and consequences in life and it's not always written and kids learn them in time. Do you have rules and consequences posted at home or does your child learn as she goes along? Probably not Do you have routines or rituals at home that your child knows and expects? Probably

    I think that if your daughter works better by herself and it's made to be a positive thing for her, it's okay.

    Also, I think this teacher is probably already on the defensive and you are already on the offensive. (which I understand, you're a mom!) It's probably gotten to the point that you question during daughter about what happens in school and she automatically tells you what she know you wanna hear or you may not even have to ask, she just tells. Keep it positive for her. It's okay for her to tell you those things but don't make it the focal point. I think in a sense you are making her more aware than she was before to the fact that she's being isolated. Kids feed off of EVERYTHING we say and do. I have kids who have difficulties in Math and I hear them say, "I suck at math! and when I talk to their parents about their child's progress in math, the parent will say, "Yeah, I tell Billy I sucked at math so don't ask me for help!" Hmmm, maybe their feeding off of your insecurity. Anyway, I do think that you should really work at coming together with the teacher and figuring out what fits for ALL of you. Make it a team effort for your daughter.

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