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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by REW, Sep 29, 2018.

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    During my student teaching, any observation from admin was informal and not scheduled. While I’m sure all eyes were on me, they never gave any direct feedback. I have a second interview for a teaching position that involves modeling a lesson. The entire admin team will be there, plus the grade level head (whose class I’m teaching). I’m a little nervous & have a few questions.

    I received the lesson plan and was asked if I’d like to observe the day before (I said I’d love too). Is this typical to offer to observe first? Is it going to look good or bad to observe ahead of time? Any tips? I have questions about the lesson, but don’t want to sound stupid. It looks like their structure/pacing is a tad different than what I’m used too and references some charts I’m not familiar with. Should I follow the same routine as the teacher so it doesn’t throw the students off? How should I introduce myself? It mentions celebration (modeling and they celebrate) and sharing on rotation. I’m not really sure what that’s supposed to look like and can vary widely.
    Unless it simply means they are modeling how to share.

    I will detail more on the lesson from what they sent me. I’ll also add the rubric/notes format that I would use to evaluate since it’s the end of a unit.
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    Your situation very closely models mine. When I was hired at my current school over 4 years ago, I was observed by the entire admin team including the CEO and the Math Department Chair for the second interview round. With that said, I didn’t sweat it because I was in my element and I know math really well. The lesson should just flow. Just do want you do normally and it should go relatively smoothly, I think.

    Concerning the different classroom format, use that observation to your advantage! Take copious amounts of notes if necessary and observe what the other teacher does and how they do it! More importantly, take note of how they do celebration, etc. Use that as a model and emulate the teacher you observed during your demo lesson. That would make the most sense to me.

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