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    Has anyone else's phone version of McAfee suddenly become Wackyfee? It would prompt me to free up some memory, so I would, and then I'd have a full screen ad. OK, I get it. I have no problem with ads, especially since I'm using their free service. But when I'd click the X, the ad would remain. I'd click again, and again. Here's what I think was happening. I'd have to wait for the ad to time out after about 4 seconds for the X to work. OK, still no big deal; a lot of apps do that. But then, after clearing all that memory, kaboom! I get another notification that I need to clear my memory. And this would go on and on and on. If I didn't clear my memory, the phone seemed to run slower. After 3 days of this, I decided enough is enough. So I uninstalled it.

    No, McAfee told me I can't uninstall it. Huh??? Dude! This is my phone, I can uninstall anything if I want to! Well, I am a bit ornery when someone tells me something is impossible. For anyone else experiencing this (for Androids), click on "App Info", and then click on uninstall. So it's gone. I'm ready to try another antivirus. I like the one on my desktop, so that's my next choice. In the meantime, what are your favorite antivirus apps?

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