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    Hello my name is Sara.
    I am in the process of obtaining my B.A. in Elementary Education with a middle school endorsement.
    I am taking an adolescent education psychology course for which I need to interview a middle school teacher.
    I would greatly appreciate your answers to the following questions:

    2. Tell me about where and what you teach now.

    3. Tell me about your feelings and moods when you are working at school.

    4. Tell me about how you help middle school students learn. What seem to be the best ways for them to learn something?

    5. What kinds of things do you and your school do to help meet the socio-emotional needs of middle school students?

    6. What do you and your school do to help students stay healthy? What is taught about health and wellness?

    7. What kinds of assessment is done in your class and in your school to assess how well the students are learning? Are the students required to do projects? to do papers?

    8. Tell me what you like about your school.

    9. Tell me what you dislike about your school.

    10. Tell me about your students’ current friendships. What are your concerns about their social development?

    11. Tell me about any incidents of bullying of one student by another that might have occurred at your school.

    12. Tell me about any time that someone was excluded socially by other students at your school.

    13. What do your students like to do when they have free time?

    14. If right now you could change one thing at your school that would help your students, what would you change, and why?

    I am not sure if there is an option to send me a private message, but If you would prefer to do that, please do so.

    Thank you for your help.


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