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    This will be my first year as a middle school teacher. I am having trouble deciding on a format of a syllabus to hand out to my students the first week of school. I taught high school last year and I feel a sheet of paper filled with policies and grading procedures will be too overwhelming for my students, especially my 6th graders. Would anyone share their syllabus ideas? What types of things are included on your middle school syllabus?
    Here's my email: srtamaltarich@hotmail.com
    Thank you for all your help
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    WehnI tuaght six my syllabus had all my policies and procedures, inculding grading, in the beggining and then the course outline towoards after the polices and procedures. My students and their parents were thrilled that I gave them a syllabus and my policies and procedures becuase they like to know how to figure thier average and what they are doing this year. I also give a weekly outline of what we are doing each week. Which inclueds homework, classwork and anthing else we do that week. I give alll the papers for the week on monday therefore if student is absent they will be able to do their homework and classwork for the days that they are absent. The homework and classwork is all due on a certain day, so that they will still have daily homework but if they want to do the work early then they can, this helps dealing with students afterschool schedules.
    I hope this helped!

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