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Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by MsTeckel, Oct 1, 2011.

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    I have an interview for a middle school life skills position. I totally don't want to mess up this interview. I think they really want to interview me because they asked me to come in Wednesday morning and I couldnt due to work. I told them I wasn't interested due to the fact that I have no time off and I'm not gonna lie and call in sick. Well they called me back saying the assistant director of special education wanted to find a time that was good for me. I told her that I was going out of town on Thursday and I could do it before in leave.

    So I know there are quite a few middle school life skills teachers here, what type of questions were you asked?

    I have beginning knowledge of speech generated devices. Im proficient in boardmaker ( I personally own it). I've been trained in pecs by my current schools slps.

    Any tips? Thanks
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    I teach middle school and I would ask you about functional academics. What are they? How will you teach them to your students? How will you determine what life skills a student will need? Middle school is when do a student's transition and start thinking long-term. My focus as a self-contained teacher is increasing environmental print accessibility (and that means more than just signs), time, money, independent functioning, and even recreation.

    If your students are higher than it might be following a work schedule, how to use public transportation, laundry, following a chore list, filling out a job application, proper clothing, how to schedule appointments, just the basic planning and organization most adults do without realizing it. Hope that helps.

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