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    The other thread inspired me to start this one. Can you pick one lesson (class) you taught that was the most memorable. 32 years in the classroom has given me more than a few but I'll start off with this one.

    I was asked to do a days supply (subbing) in a village school. When I got there I was given a 4th grade (we call it yr 5) class. On the timetable for the afternoon was a lesson they were doing on WW2 and evacuees. During the war, because of the bombing of major cities thousands of children were sent out to the quieter parts of the country for safety. The class were looking at the experiences of some of these children. I remembered that my Mother in Law was evacuated as a young girl and was sent to this actual village! So with the Head Teacher's permission I rang my MiL and asked if she was willing to speak to the kids about her experience. We spent half an hour in class putting together some questions that they could ask her then I called her (She was 86 at the time). The kids were mesmerised. She spent 4 and a half years living in their village with her younger cousin, she attended the local school and played in the fields and woodlands. After 30 minutes I ended the call. The kids then came up with loads more things they wanted to ask and so I called her back and we did another 20 minutes until the bell. The lesson was totally unscripted and unplanned but I think the kids got far more out of it that just reading about it. The Mother in Law also got a lot out of it being able to recall it and pass it on to another generation.

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