MEGA exam for Mild to Moderate Special Ed.

Discussion in 'Other Tests' started by thewife, Jan 24, 2016.

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    Just wondering about the MEGA exam. I have serveral certificaitons by Praxis II, but have not taken a Mega exam yet. I will be taking one this weekend and just wondering if it is similar, harder or easier..hopefully. I don't really want to pay 29$ for the practice test....any comments...Thanks
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    Jan 24, 2016

    How are you generally as a test taker?

    Judging from the online sample questions and the list of competencies that they test, MEGA 6011 looks much more like a pedagogy/teaching methods test than a subject-matter test. MEGA should be aligned to Missouri specifically, so you might try searching the Missouri education department Web site for documents that lay out programs and approaches to special education that are expected in Missouri: questions on MEGA are likely to reference some programs and roles under names that one doesn't see in other states. If you've passed a Praxis test of special education methodology, that background and the Missouri-specific research should put you in pretty good shape.

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