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    I just found out that I need to mentor and meet with paras and teacher assistants weekly. I have been teaching for a few years now and I don't know what type of things to tell them. I am just a teacher myself. I know I have to wait for school to start to find out there abilities. Any suggestions for meeting with these teachers weelky.
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    1. Dealing with discipline, when to intervine and when not to
    2. Confidentially Issues regarding children
    3. Have lots of open discussions regarding any problems that arise. Find out what is important to them and what you can do to helpl
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    Please make it clear on documenting all parent contacts. Verbal discussions need to be written. Even if its in the hallway. The assistant must have a place to put the parent contacts made to cover her own self. It also will keep the teacher in tuned to what is going on so the two adults of the room can remaing in touch.

    The assistant needs to be given specific tasks to do. (given by the teacher)They should not be out of the room but if there is a time period when the tasks have been completed, they should ask, what more can be done, or how can they assist the teacher.
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    Maybe each time that you meet with them, teach them a new strategy that they can use when remediating children. Show them the resources that are available for them to use and ways to use each one. Explain the stages of reading development that children go through so they can read with all the different ability levels. Remember that the assistants are there to help the children so show them ways to do just that.

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