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    These look great:

    Resources for YOU!
    Pre-K – Grade 2
    Ten Frame Interactive–Use 4 games to develop counting and addition skills.

    Tool ratings, reviews, and discussion.
    Grades 3–5
    Pan Balance-Shapes—Build up to algebraic thinking by exploring this balance tool using shapes of unknown weight.

    Tool ratings, reviews, and discussion.
    Grades 6–8
    The Game of SKUNK Lesson—Practice decision-making skills, and think about the interaction of choice and chance in order to learn more about mathematical probability.

    Lesson ratings, reviews, and discussion.
    Grades 9–12
    Proof Without Words: Completing the Square—Explore the visual proof of how completing the square "works."

    Tool ratings, reviews, and discussion.


    Click on the URLs below each resource to get engaged with the Math Tools community. (To make use of the interactive features of the Math Tools site,create a free Math Tools account.)

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