Math & Science openings in Broward County FL

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    If you have ever wanted to teach near the beach? Here is your opportunity!

    We are currently looking for CERTIFIED MATH & SCIENCE INSTRUCTORS with all vacancies available NOW!!

    Broward County is located on the southeast coast of sunny Florida. We are the home to the world famous Ft. Lauderdale Beach where you will find 23 miles of stunning beaches.

    Broward County Public Schools is one of the top ten largest school districts in the nation. Our district has a unique suburban/urban mix of students and serves the educational needs of over 272,000 Pre-K and K-12 students with over 238 schools and employing 15,000 teachers. Broward hires at least 2,000 new teachers each year to keep up with the unprecedented growth. Find out why teachers want to come to Broward County to 'Live and Teach in Paradise'.

    If you are interested in joining our educational team, we encourage you to please respond to this email by clicking on the link below that will allow you to send your cover letter and resume directly from the website: e... Schools Recruitment Team Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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