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    I just finished making the titles for the Calendar Math board. I want to make it work for me and for our curriculum. (I'm not really a fan of it, but I'm required to use it. So I'll tweak it and use the parts I like.)

    I'll have a large red pawprint beside each title with #1, #2, etc. to show the order I want the kids to work. (We're the Wildcats.)

    They'll work independently (or with a partner) first thing in the morning while I'm finishing up lunch count, etc. Then we'll go over everything and add more depth to it. They'll have a Calendar Math notebook to keep everything in. They do 1-5 on own or with a partner.

    I used Publisher and a large font size and used the Jokeman font. Black type on white paper. Added a red border around each title. Laminate it all and write right on it when I/student goes over it.

    #1. Today's date is _________

    #2. The pattern is __________

    #3 Today's date ____
    List: first five multiples ________
    all factors __________
    odd/even _______
    prime/composite _________

    #4 Today's date out of 100
    As a fraction ______________
    As a decimal fraction ____________
    As a percent _______________
    (This has long lines so that I can keep each number up there for about 8 days. That will help with showing the patterns. It takes the place of the number tape with the sticky notes, which I really dislike. The notes fall off, curl up, and look messy.)

    #5 Review problems are on the board. Variety of 4-5 review probems and word problems from "Daily Review", FCAT and CRCT released tests, textbook, etc.

    I do the next two with them.

    #6 What does it look like as a decimal model?
    (This has two 100's grids with a large dot (decimal point) between the grids. We'll fill in a block for each day.)

    #7 Weekly Graph
    (I'll buy a large poster for each graph, or if I can find them, the graph paper that comes in a huge pad.) Post these on the wall when they are finished being discussed.

    Since our first unit is mostly on graphing, making the graph will slide right into the lesson. Second unit is on decimals, and third is on fractions. It should be a good preview.

    THAT"S DONE! What next? I guess work on the writing things.

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