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    Can anyone share how they structure their math time, preferably someone in the primary grades? The issue that I am having this year is my math block is so short, so it is difficult to have small group instruction. I love the way my literacy time goes because I have enough time for whole group instruction, followed by small group instruction and centers. For math, I only have 30 minutes. In the past, I did whole group, followed again by centers/small group. Right now, I am doing a whole group lesson followed by independent practice, with a extension activity that is differentiated for my higher students, but no small group/centers. I still feel like math is not running nearly as smooth as literacy, so I would love to hear how others math time goes. Thanks!
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    My class is kinder so it might be a bit different. We start with math meeting -whole group math circle time on the carpet with a math felt story or songs or games, skip counting practice or math songs like the doubles rap or hide songs number songs, a couple of review questions on our white board that are inquiry based i.e. I do a word or act it out problem with the kids and they come up with the written portion like a number sentence or an inequality symbol or a ten frames picture to show the problem and then we do a very short direct instruction lesson with I do, we do portions. Then the go to centers to practice what we are learning, a review topic, or an advanced topic. The do 2 rotations of we come to our table seats for a very short independent practice worksheet to asses if they are learning what I'm teaching. The independent practice worksheets are mostly formative for me but it's good for them to do a little traditional work to prep them for next year.

    This takes about 65 minutes. The whole time frame runs about like this
    -math meeting 20 minutes
    - centers 25 minutes (2 ten minute rotations with a few clean up minutes between switching centers, centers are free choice there are 5-6 and at least 1 is review, 2-3 are geared to this weeks topics, 1 is advanced work for those above grade level, the kids clean up the centers and put everything for it on the tray for that table and they put the tray on the back counter then go to their table at the end
    - worksheet practice 15 minutes
    - with small transition times in between.
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    Student teacher here....what would you say kindergarteners need to know in order to learn greater than concepts?

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